Internal Pressure Cleaning for Your AC

ALL AC Units Become Internally Contaminated Over Time and can Lose up to 30% Efficiency within 12 months.
Regularly servicing your air conditioning system is important for a number of reasons. All AC units become internally contaminated over time. As the AC unit continually circulates large volumes of air, the unit gradually becomes contaminated with dust and other particles. An environment then forms to support the growth of various organisms including bacteria, mould, viruses and fungi which can have a corrosive impact and also produce undesirable odours.

A contaminated AC unit poses numerous health risks, causes the system to operate at decreased performance, increases running costs, and also increases the likelihood of breakdowns and costly repairs.

We have engineered specialised equipment to provide the ultimate Split Unit AC Service that is far superior to the common superficial servicing approach. It is not the case that other service providers have necessarily been doing the wrong thing in servicing, it is simply that they have not had access to the specialised equipment that we have developed to clean your AC’s internal components.

Your service will be carried out by a qualified air conditioning specialist, so if any faults are detected with your system at the time of your service, we can also attend to this for you. Our aim is to provide our customers with a complete air conditioning solution.

Our servicing technique is gentle on your air conditioning system and allows the complete servicing of your AC without having to strip-down the system or remove all the outer plastics. Plastics become brittle over time and are prone to breakage, or can develop vibrations, with frequent unnecessary disturbance.

We provide regular maintenance service, and our equipment also has the ability to bring a highly contaminated unit back to ‘as-new’ condition.

Consider servicing your AC before rushing out to replace! You will be amazed at the results we can achieve.

This is the next generation method of air conditioning servicing, so ensure you are actively creating the healthiest indoor environment for your family, employees or clients.

Air Conditioning Servicing & Your Health:

Is Regular AC Servicing Really That Important??….

The importance of regularly servicing air conditioning systems is often overlooked, however, it is vital to maintaining good indoor air quality, and therefore, a healthy indoor environment.

Air conditioning systems provide the perfect environment for the growth and build-up of contaminants such as dust, bacteria, mould, viruses, fungi and odours. These offenders are then distributed into the air you breathe and could make you sick.

Correct servicing minimises the circulation of these airborne contaminants and allergens throughout an indoor space which can cause a wide range of health problems ranging from headaches, asthma, cold and flu like symptoms, and allergic reactions to more serious long term illness and infection.

Go to our “Why Service” page to find out more about the health impacts of not servicing your AC.

The Hot Air Cool Difference – Our Technology & Equipment:

Don’t Waste $$$ on a Superficial AC Service…  Our Innovation Ensures You Get the Ultimate AC Service and Value for Money – Find Out How…

Hot Air Cool has been servicing and decontaminating air conditioning units since 1995.  Our new, one of a kind, government approved lithium ion battery powered service machine is a variable speed, multi-function, mess free, internal pressure cleaning system incorporating a filter bath catchment bag with vacuum extraction.

We have developed the leading innovation in air conditioning service machine technology.  Using our world class service machine with micro-accessories, our team of licenced and experienced technicians are able to provide the ultimate sanitisation of your air conditioning unit.

Our unique equipment enables us to provide a thorough, non-invasive and mess free internal pressure clean of all Split Unit components.  This ensures your air conditioning system is running at its peak performance and efficiency, while assisting in prolonging the life of your air conditioner and maintaining a healthy indoor environment.

The importance of adequate maintenance schedules and procedures for larger scale commercial HVAC systems has been recognised for some time and systems are in place to facilitate this.  However, the development of efficient procedures for the maintenance of split system AC units, both residential and commercial, has largely been ignored since their introduction onto the market.  This is primarily a result of the equipment simply not being available to provide an efficient, affordable and effective service solution.

In the past, service procedures for split units have predominantly been focused on cleaning of the dust filters only, regardless of the fact that other components are also contaminated – a superficial service.  A “full service” to decontaminate a split unit has previously required a complete strip-down of the unit to access and clean the internal components.  This approach is time consuming and expensive per unit, causes unnecessary wear and possible damage to the AC components, and so prevents efficient long term management of an AC system.

The development of Hot Air Cool’s innovative technology and equipment enables safe, thorough and effective cleaning of the internal components of an AC system at an affordable cost per unit.  The units do not have to be stripped down, and occupant disturbance is minimal.  Our specialised equipment enables a quick, non-invasive and highly effective service solution.

Some other experimental AC servicing methods that use a high volume of water will push contaminants deeper into the coil and also run the risk of pushing water into the fan motor.  Our unique design is engineered to eliminate this major problem.  Our system incorporates a highly effective atomising approach which, in comparison, provides a far more advanced clean, uses less water, and at the same time reduces any chance of water entering into the fan motor.

We have for a long time been passionate about rectifying this clear gap in the Air Conditioning Service industry.  Our service system has been fully field tested and successfully in use publicly for over 10 years.

Our Service consists of the following:

We are Committed to Providing the Ultimate AC Service

    • Full pressure clean of indoor unit including coil, barrel fan and plastics.
    • Full chemical clean of outdoor unit ensuring any deposits are removed from coil.
    • Test function of AC system and advise of any faults found.
    • Change batteries in remote control.
    • Reset remote control or wall touchpad if required.
    • Provide advice on operation if required.

Our extensive database of happy customers clearly shows our proven track record of the effectiveness of our servicing method long term.  We are excited to see the incredible benefits our custom engineered equipment has achieved and are committed to providing the ultimate AC service.

Take a look at our “Why Service” page to find out about other great benefits of servicing.

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