Get it Right the First Time – Let Us Come to You and Tailor a System to Suit Your Needs.

Whether you require a Split Unit or fully Ducted Air Conditioning system, we can provide you with a professional air conditioning solution specifically tailored to your Residential or Commercial premises.

Air conditioning is a specialist product and it is important to select the correct system for your specific application to ensure economical year round comfort. One of our professional air conditioning specialists will conduct a heat load analysis to determine the correct cooling capacity required, select the right system to fulfil that requirement, then design and install that system in accordance with Australian Standards.

Having been in the air conditioning industry for the past 29 years, we have built a solid reputation for providing excellent service backed up by trade knowledge and expertise. We come to you, and take the time to discuss your specific requirements so we can design an energy efficient air conditioning solution that best meets your needs, while also fitting into the décor of your home.

As a specialist contractor, we recognise the pride you have in your most expensive asset, your home. Your decision to air condition is for your future comfort so selecting an installer that you can trust to provide you with the right advice is essential.

Our experienced team of fully qualified and licenced contractors are committed to providing a friendly and reliable service so your installation is worry free and will last the test of time.

Installation quality is often overlooked when considering competitive quotations. At Hot Air Cool we take great pride in both the quality and appearance of our installation work. We only use quality materials to make sure your install maintains a professional finish for years to come.

We do not cut corners to make our job easier, quality workmanship is our priority – and our guarantee.

These photos demonstrate the quality of work that you can expect from Hot Air Cool, the photos also show the kind of work we do not do!


The right way:  units are positioned neatly off the ground and pipes and electrical cables are securely covered and protected from the elements. This also gives a more professional finished result.

The right way: Multiple units are stacked neatly rather than scattered around the exterior of your house where possible to reduce visual and physical impact of installation.

The wrong way: When units are positioned directly on the ground they are more vulnerable to damage that can cause gas leaks, it promotes corrosion and can attract termites. Pipes and electrical cables are exposed to the elements.

Importantly, following completion of your installation we ensure you understand how to operate your new air conditioning system! We run through all the functions of the system with you, and according to your specific requirements and usage of the air conditioned area, we provide you with advice on the most efficient and practical way to use the system. This will help you to optimise the usage of your air conditioning system.

We can install any brand of air conditioning unit for you, although for our supply and installation packages we use and recommend high quality trusted brands Panasonic and Daikin. This allows us to provide the very best long term quality of your job backed up by a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty and a 6 year installation warranty.

To optimise your investment it is important to select the right product, and have it installed by the right professional. In choosing Hot Air Cool, a licenced and qualified air conditioning specialist, to design and install your air conditioning system, you can be confident of lasting satisfaction with the finished product.

We provide ongoing after sales service for all work completed and are always happy to help with any questions or usage issues you may experience. We guarantee quality workmanship so are proud to be associated with our installations long term. We will provide you with a regular maintenance service to ensure your AC continues to operate at peak efficiency while minimising airborne contaminants impacting your indoor air quality – see our “Servicing” page to find out more.

We aim to provide an all-round air conditioning service to our customers and will look after your ongoing air conditioning needs.

Split Unit Air Conditioning Systems:

Split system air conditioners are designed to provide a climate control in one room and are an extremely efficient solution to cool or heat that particular space. You can install multiple split units throughout your home or business to meet your specific air conditioning requirements.

They consist of a wall-hung indoor unit and an outdoor unit and are available in a range of sizes to cater for the cooling/heating requirements of small rooms like a bedroom or office, up to larger living areas or work spaces. Whatever the application, it is vital the correct sized unit is selected for a space, so contact us for advice.

Where multiple split units are installed, we install the outdoor units neatly stacked in one location wherever possible to minimise external impact of your air conditioning installation.

Since the introduction of inverter technology, split systems are more efficient than ever in maintaining a climate control. They provide up to 50% reduction in energy consumption, in comparison to the old technology conventional systems, as the inverter continually adjusts the compressor rotation speed to provide optimum performance at all times.

Today’s breed of split AC units provide quiet operation of both the indoor and outdoor units and, with the application of new technologies, they allow greater flexibility in user control.

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems:

Ducted systems provide an air conditioning solution for your entire home or business. They can be installed during construction of a new building, or can be incorporated into an existing building. The indoor unit is mounted within the ceiling space and the air is distributed via flexible duct into each room through ceiling mounted diffusers/air vents. The outdoor unit is located externally.

This type of air conditioning allows for the complete climate control of your home or business and can be zoned according to how you use your space. Zones are controlled by damper motors that open and close to direct air to where it is called for. A common zone structure for residential use, for example, is a day and night application where a constant living zone is always open and the user can select to change zones between bedrooms or other general living areas. This type of zoning allows for more efficient operation of your system as areas of your home that are not occupied for long periods of time are not unnecessarily consuming energy.

A ducted system needs to be custom designed by a professional for the specific space. This will ensure that the system is designed to cater for the heat load demand, and that the correct air flow is calculated and delivered to each room.

If you are considering installing a ducted system in your home or business, our team of qualified tradesmen are available to provide personalised advice and solutions.

Cassette, Ceiling and Floor Mount Units:

These different types of air conditioning systems provide installation flexibility where space is limited or the room décor calls for a different type of AC unit. Wall space may not be available for a split unit installation, or a small ceiling space may not allow for a ducted installation.

Cassette units have a slim low-profile design, and provide high volume air flow output for larger areas. They are commonly installed in commercial premises for this reason.

Whatever the application, we can help you find the right air conditioning system to suit your needs.

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