About Us

We have been in the air conditioning industry for over 29 years so our extensive trade experience and expertise will ensure you receive the best service and advice for your specific application. We provide a personalised service and you will deal with a tradesman, not a salesman, so we can provide accurate knowledge on site to devise options that best suit your needs.

Providing great service is the core of our business. Our friendly and reliable, fully qualified team of tradesmen are committed to providing the highest quality workmanship at every job attended.

We are not content to sit back and follow industry ‘norms’ and have always strived to improve and innovate within the air conditioning industry to increase benefits to our customers, our work practices as well as the environment.

Our latest innovation is the specialised equipment we have custom engineered to provide the ultimate Split Unit AC Service that rivals the common superficial servicing approach.

Within our business operations we are also mindful of the significance of environmental sustainability. We have a proactive approach to this having developed our service equipment with this increasingly important factor in mind.

Our equipment operates as a self-contained unit that is water and energy efficient and it helps to significantly prolong the operating life of your AC unit. Unnecessary product wastage is prevented as units are not discarded prematurely when regular servicing can maximise the life you get out of an AC unit.

Have a look at our “Servicing” and “Why Service” pages to find out more about servicing and to see what we have been able to achieve with the development of our new equipment.